Tuesday, May 17, 2005

we got a winner, ken collins international baller status

cruster posted the correct response to the unscramble contest (from my music edition):

cruster said...

adding style and insult to his winning answer cruster replied in a double half-twist gaelic lock with an ebonix backhand...the answer is PETER FRAMPTON...FRAMPTACH is Gaelic for frampton and beeyotch is ebonix for "worthy opponent."

"cruster" as he's affectionately known down at the bathhouses is a multiplatinum glory hole artist. he is also a cheesy white guy rocker who once drummed in a high school jazz band and destroyed brian adams's mega-hit "summer of '69" at a school lunch show. matt mcgowan screamed the lyrics because he couldn't sing. now matt is a bi-curious homophobe who drinks like a sailor and clerks for law offices even though he's not in law school.

I'd like to now address another post:

Ken Collins said...
If you feel brave enough, there is a tribute site www.thankyougeorge.com to George Lucas thanking him for 27 years of Star Wars

wow. this is real star wars geek territory. thank you george lucas for 27 years??? how about thanks george for like 3 good years and a huge, fruitless "time out" and then returning with jar jar binks and gooey kid toy brigade and almost ruining yoda's good name. take the penzoil out of your hair, and ken collins, you probably work at lucas ranch, or whatever it's called. i bet you're the only white guy on skywalker ranch...A mexican migrant worker i picked up at home depot told me that george lucas hires mexicans to pick lettuce and play ewoks at skywalker ranch. he's even gone in league with walmart to underpay them. cesar chavez would kick george lucas's ass.

in fact a real mexican made this post re: ken collins and his secret garden
Anonymous said...

Hola Osito de Medicina....eres muy chistoso...por poco no llego al baƱo de tanto que me hiciste reir..oye porque no escribes un blog de Ken Collins...alguien que conoce el sitio de tributo de George Lucas derserves to be the subject of one of your blogs...a lil Spanglish for you....by the way that movie was terrible...thumbs way down! Sincerely, Pielmorena

for those that don't speak spanish this postee would like Ken Collins to pay overdue alimony payments to his son "hector" who is now 4 years old. this mother would like the payments to be in cash and ramen noodles and mailed to michuacan, mexico.

no cheque las palabras


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