Friday, September 15, 2006

Fool On the Hill

Saddam is at again. The Satanic Goat is making a mockery of the trial in Iraq. Why the Hell are we trying to prosecute him through the law? That’s like trying to give a rabid pitbull a “timeout.” Sometimes America can be so dopey. The longer he’s alive and turns the trial into a stoogefest, the more dissidents in the Middle East think he has real power. They should have Judge Judy go down to the Middle East and slap him around. Tell him to shut up and crap. Maybe her bailiff can take him in the back and take photos of Saddam getting nipped by German Sheppards. Article Here

The maddening thing about reading articles about Saddam Hussein is that everyone is named Hussein. Victims are named Hussein, the Judge is named Hussein. I can never figure out what the hell is going on. They should give Saddam a vato-loco name, like El Viejo, or Oso Verga. Something or a CB handle, like Black Jack, or the Snow Man. Some other name, so articles won’t be confusing.

Screw John Kerry. Now he wants to kick the Swift Boats Ass in 08? Too little too late Stretchy. You did way too much pussy-footing in 2004 and we got left holding the Bush Jr. bag. Dope. Now he wants to fight? What, did he take Karate lessons during the last 4 years? Was he painting Miyagi’s deck and waxing cars? Bastard. I hate Kerry almost as much as I hate Bush. Hillary has bigger bollocks than that long-faced mule turd. Article Here

Researcher John Phillipe Rushton concluded a study which revealed men are smarter than women. Apparently after studying 100,000 aptitude tests, men’s IQ’s or on average 3.63 points hirer. I agree with this obviously. It’s true, men are smarter, it seems natural. We need those extra points to figure out how to wrestle the vagina away from women. We might be smarter, but woman still have the pussy. And everyone knows, as Paris Hilton, Carmen Electra, have proven, pussy beats smarts any day of the week. That’s why hot chicks don’t ever need proper identification. They go to clubs, drive around, without any ID and if they’re cute enough no one gives a shit. If Al Qaida really wanted fuck up America, all they need to do is make hot terrorist chicks. They could get all the way inside the oval office, with fuck-me pumps and a library card. It’s crazy. Article Here

Anyways, up at the Christ College. Briefing cases and crap. It’s 8:45 and I have Property with Dean Saxer. We’re learning about Adverse Possession. Basically, how you can gank someone else’s property by squatting on it. It’s funny to me how these kids don’t think it’s fair. Some freckle-faced punk from Indiana was all, “But, you own the land. Just because someone’s on it for 15 years, doesn’t make it theirs. It flies in the face of all our laws.”Ain’t that some white people shit? Motherfuckers steal shit and then they want everyone to play by the rules.

I raised my hand and said, “Look, if there was no adverse possession then there would be no United States. Most of the pioneers stole land from Indians through Adverse Possession. The rationale goes like this: Brown people were too dumb to improve the land, and White people knew how to work the soil and pollute. Therefore, since they “improved” this piece of property, it belongs to them. Imagine if the Indians were able to say, “Hey wait a minute jock-o. We owned Los Angeles, To Hell with your Walmarts and Bestbuys, we owned this crap. It belongs to us. No one disputes that we owned it first. People would trip.” This kid’s eyes were afire. I dared him to say, “Yeah, but that’s different.” If he would have, I would have shoved his ass down a black-powder gauntlet.

Oh, and By the way, I'm against the ban on skinny models.
(Skinny Batches article here)

This unfairly discriminates against all the strung out ladies in fashion. Now where will the coke-addicted models like Kate Moss work? At 24 hour laundromats? I don't need coked out models on the streets teaching the trannies how to catwalk.




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