Monday, June 13, 2005

dvd's at mcd's

you're going to be able to rent dvd's at mcdonald's now. that's right, the big gay clown will have machines in his bizarro stores to rent you a dvd.,1412,67817,00.html you can go to the article by going to that address.

it makes perfect sense to me. now americans can watch tv and eat while they drive. i can hear america getting fatter right now. thing is, it's probably going to be a bunch of shrek 2's and kiddie-movies to hypnotize even more kids into eating at McSmile. i know in my previous post i said i'm addicted to eating, and i am...i'll probably be the first fat ass in line with a filet-o-fish and a spiderman 2. i'm just stating the facts.

mcdonalds is pretty weird when you think about it. the other day i ate a quarter pounder and there was a picture of an athlete exercising on the box. that's audacity. here's your bazillion calorie fat sandwich, oh, and by the way, here's picture of an athlete in case you forget what you're doing to your heart. have a nice day.

what the hell is mcd's doing to our children? what is this creepy fantasy world they've created? it's like some sick carnival lead by stephen king. no wonder there's child abuse everywhere, look at what mcd's is force feeding the kids. 1) there's this manic-happy clown with red hair who is who wants to introduce you to his strange friends and give you food. 2) his best friend is grimace which is just a purple blob that has no relation to reality in any shape or form. 3) stop the hamburgerlar because he's not "paying" for mcd's food. 4) here are my friends the fry guys. no they're not hermaphrodite rugs with legs.

what's wholesome about this? that's why we have to beat "stranger danger" into our kids. compared to ronald and his sick crew, a stranger seems real normal. that's why kids can't say "no" to drugs. we make them live in a nightmare and tell them everything scary is fun.

movies. fast food. cars. weird. in the future we will be obese cyborgs, our flesh will be pressed against the dashboard. we'll be too fat to leave our cars. and by the twisted alchemy of mcd's corp, we will meld with the automobile. tubes from the engine will nourish our bodies and the engine. oil will be a drug that governements will forever hold over our heads. drive-thru's will merge with gas stations. our legs will become weakened little nubs, like those "hidden" arms on whales. women will give birth through the trunk. we will become a nation of car people.

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