Monday, May 23, 2005

i believe michael jackson molested himself

i read other people's blogs to see what they're up to and they're unreadable. i don't even know what the Hell they're writing about. for instance, there's this hollywood blog, miss attila. she's yakking about how hellish fame would be because she saw george lucas getting hounded...uhm. first of all, i'm sick of "entourage sattelites" (people hanging around the people hanging around the people with careers) commenting on "fame."

stars have jumped the shark when they complain about their own notoriety wrecking their lives (eg. britney spears, michael jackson, robert blake). how about they go back to waiting in line at restaurants, or stewing in traffic like the rest of the world.

Ok, let's read what the mediaocracy is pushing on us today:

The Spureme Court is going to hear a case regarding forcing parental notification when a teen wants to get an abortion. justice clarence thomas said he doesn't need to hear anymore, he's voting against it already. in his long dissenting opinion, he states that it would make sexually harassing women too expensive if he had to actually pay alimony to "hysterical" and "confused" women.

on the drudgereport rush limbaugh is quoted as saying


does the audacity of this fat bastard ever end? wasn't he the one forcing his hispanic maid to buy oxycottin in sam's club parking lots? i can't believe people are listening to him anymore. what he should do is start a cooking show. i'd believe that he knows what's good to eat. maybe they should interview in high times for doing hillbilly heroin (no we know why he's named rush).

trump is starting his own online university. Trump University will consist of online courses, CD-ROMS, consulting services and Learning Annex-type seminars.

"In today's hyper-competitive business climate, the need for the highest quality education has become more crucial than ever," Trump said, "That's why I'm polluting my competition with this online course." Trump went on to yell, "You're fired!" to his hairdresser, west hollywood socialite Shabat Zizamba.


for a long time i couldn't figure out how michael jackson allowed martin bashear to interview him. i couldn't understand how michael (with his coterie of attorneys) would ever be dumb enough to fooled by a loud voiced brit into holding hands with a young boy on TV. jackson who has been in the media forever must know what kind of scumbags populate the industry. so why did he make himself vulnerable?

i believe that jackson's attorneys, the best money can buy, threw DA Tom Sneddon a shill. they probably have a policy of letting michael victimize children of real ne'erdowells. anyways, they found a shady mother and destroyed her credibility. a lot of the witnesses for the prosecution changed their stories once they were on the stand (jackson's ex-wife/baby incubator). the effect of all this is to dismantle tom sneddon's reputation and also prove to the american public that michael is just a victim of ruthless poor people. this is a tactic that michael employed after the crticism regarding the first child, jordy chandler. most people wanted to believe mike was innocent but the fact that he settled out of court always made people doubt him. mike and his lawyers created a false accuser that they could take apart and floated many false witnesses to the prosecution to exonerate michael in a court of law. it was a machiavellian stroke of genius.


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Michael Jackson says on his rebuttal video that he had sex w/debbie rowe and that he's the biological father of his kids. I don't know, his kids look "all white" to me. I don't think they have 1oz of black blood in them. what do you think?

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